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Please Note: The Topiary Today website is due to be retired in January 2023.

Topiary Today covers interesting topiary gardens. It is the sister site of Topiary in the United Kingdom, which has been in existence since 2000, so you will find a lot of extra information over there.

Isola Bella
Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore, Italy

Anthony Blagg’s new 73 page ebook called “Growing Topiary: A Beginner’s Guide from the Ground Up” is now available from Amazon.

It discusses which plants to choose, how to plant them, how to shape them and which tools to use. It also shows you techniques such as cutting an arch or window in a yew hedge and much more. The book is illustrated with photographs and “how to” diagrams. Buy now in the US for $3.99 here. Buy now in the UK for £2.99 here. The book is also available in many other countries though your local Amazon store.

Growing Topiary: A Beginner's Guide form the Ground Up
Growing Topiary: A Beginner’s Guide from the Ground Up

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