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Topiary Gardens in France

France deserves its own page in the world of topiary with major locations from the open spaces and grand parterres of Versailles Palace to the rich formality of Eyrignac in the Dordogne or one man’s treasure at Les Jardins de SĂ©ricourt near Lille.
We will be developing this page over time and let us know of your favourite French garden or send us some of your photos.


In the PĂ©rigord region of France is a garden originally created in the 19th century and developed later by Julien de Cerval who had an interest in topiary. He began planting his topiary garden on a hill above the Dordogne River and spent nearly 30 years planting 150,000 box trees to look like hills or sheep depending on your vantage point.

Les Jardins du Chateau de Brecy, Normandy

This garden has numerous seventeenth century box parterres in the curly French style as well as large pyramid yew specimens.

Topiary in the United Kingdom

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