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Topiary Gardens in Germany

Germany was once made up of many small States and Principalities and there are many palaces and grand gardens in the European tradition.



King Ludwig the Second of Bavaria was often known as the “mad king”. He became more and more a recluse however he liked to spend the country’s money on himself. Apart from his love of music he loved building fantastic castles. The most famous of these is Neuschwanstein which is the inspiration for Walt Disney’s fairytale castle but his favourite hideaway was the hunting lodge of Linderhof. He would eat alone and had an elaborate hoist system so that servants could actually send him his meals without actually having to enter the dining room. So the lodge is worth visiting as a building but the gardens (laid out to be viewed from the windows of the building) are spectacular especially the cascades and fountains. the garden does however contain much topiary.

See my photographs of the gardens of Linderhof

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